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Multidisciplinary symbolist artist born in Bogota (1991). Lost in arts, he is a symbol-naut who tries to decipher riddles by creating others, as laberynths of sense in these times of chaos.


Felipe is a painter, sculptor, photographer, performer and writer, passions and paths that he mixes in between without borders in his poems and plastic artworks.

His visual and lyric poetry is full of textures, images and places that are only inhabitable by imagination, the same one that allows us to draw the veil that covers human essence to discover again, always again, a much more incomprensible sky for our common understanding but always reachable by contemplative silence. Between these two peaks is located his symbolic imaginery.

But for him, symbol is not an metaphysical concept or reality but the artistic and phillosophical possibility of transforming the daily. From that approach we discoverer the mysterious reverse of the ordinary life in a creative way: linking the opposites.

Lawyer by profession, with a Master degree on Arts from Universitat Politècnica de Valencia, Spain, currently he is a independant researcher on Symbolism. He has been invited to many colective and individual exhibitions in Colombia, South America and most recently, in Spain and Belgium.

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